“Karen is enterprising and has the strength in character to push things through amidst adversity and ambivalence in a traditional organization. Thank you for forging the path and laying down the good work for others to build on.” - CEO of Singapore Government agency who tapped on Karen to jump-start a new approach to technology talent in the Singapore Government 

“We activated Karen when our company was at an impasse. Our product, technology and clinical operations teams were struggling to align and pivot quickly. She conducted a listening tour across the functions and executives and quickly assembled a two day working session which set our company on the path we needed. 

Her listening skills allowed her to gain the trust of stakeholders and bring each voice. She had the ability to make everyone feel valued and get a diverse group to focus and solve together.  She has a sense of humor, which helps in our company when tensions rise very fast.

She effectively framed the objective for the session, keeps the team on track and focused on the business problem, recaps when needed and explains things well.  

From high-level planning and preparation to real-time management of topics, she kept our group moving. Once conclusions were reached, she assisted us in developing effective strategic communications to the broader company.”  

- Synthesis of session feedback: COO, VP of FinOps, SVP Technology at Series B technology start-up

“The Threshold Allies team deeply understands the cultural nuances in both Silicon Valley and Asia. They were able to identify and assess our first Singapore hire for skills, culture and leadership team fit. They are extremely discreet in managing sensitive reference checks.” - Michael S., founder of venture incubator which tapped Threshold Allies to make the first hire in Singapore

“Karen coached me at a juncture in my life where I was considering either taking up a postgraduate scholarship or taking time out to care for my then-newborn. My coaching conversations with Karen had a profound impact on my professional happiness as well as the wellbeing of my family in the past three years.” - Deborah L.

“Cyrena brought her deep domain expertise in product and customer journeys to provide fresh perspective on a product revamp process. She helped us dive into how customer journeys map to so many elements of user experience and design. She developed an innovative framework for us to track how user impact could be reported to various customer stakeholders as part of a broader Go To Market strategy that we'll implement going forward." - CEO of a venture backed climate tech company 

My coaching sessions with Karen gave me courage to start a new professional chapter.

I started coaching with Karen at a time when I felt burnt out and looking for change. I was stuck in a role that I didn't see a long-term future for, but lacked the time, energy and emotional bandwidth to explore new opportunities. The issue I wanted to work through with Karen was figuring out next steps for the year ahead.

Karen was curious, empathetic and asked great questions to help me reflect on my situation. She took a holistic approach, engaging body, mind and spirit. Her sessions enabled me to listen to and trust what my body and emotions were telling me about what I needed and wanted from my next season. They also helped me to shift my posture toward the situation from stress and anxiety to curiosity and exploration.

Soon after we ended our coaching sessions, I was approached to consider a number of really great roles. Because of the coaching sessions, I was open to exploring organisations and roles that I might not have considered before, and felt empowered to negotiate terms that aligned with my values, strengths and long-term goals. - Cheryl C, Country Head of Publicly Listed Company