How it works: Serving Leaders

When we partner you, we are deeply invested in your personal and organization success. 

The entry point is a leader's confidential conversation with our team. We first understand your goals and the ecosystem around you. We then provide horsepower to catalyze the change you want to see, and train or hire the right people to continue. 

Some of our core competencies: 

Case studies 

CEO at Series A start-up, Singapore 

COO at Series B start-up, Silicon Valley

CEO at Seed start-up moving from Australia to Singapore & CEO at Asian company establishing new venture in Silicon Valley

Chair of Board Search Committee, New Jersey

CEO at Series C start up, Silicon Valley 


"Working with you is like Marie-Kondoing my mind - increasing the ratio of signal to noise, simplifying and clarifying the complexity, then focusing our team on the most important next steps." - Series A start-up CEO, Singapore

"I am thoroughly impressed by your ability to translate my ideas into compelling, authentic narratives." - Senior Cabinet Minister, Singapore

"We couldn't find the right candidate for two years. You found one in two months by deeply understanding candidates' concerns and partnering with us to redesign the role and hiring process." - Head of Board Search Committee, New Jersey 

“Karen is enterprising and has the strength in character to push things through amidst adversity and ambivalence in a traditional organization. Thank you for forging the path and laying down the good work for others to build on.” - CEO of Singapore Government agency who tapped on Karen to jump-start a new approach to technology talent in the Singapore Government 

“We activated Karen when our company was at an impasse. Our product, technology and clinical operations teams were struggling to align and pivot quickly. She conducted a listening tour across the functions and executives and quickly assembled a two day working session which set our company on the path we needed. 

Her listening skills allowed her to gain the trust of stakeholders and bring each voice. She had the ability to make everyone feel valued and get a diverse group to focus and solve together.  She has a sense of humor, which helps in our company when tensions rise very fast.

She effectively framed the objective for the session, keeps the team on track and focused on the business problem, recaps when needed and explains things well.  From high-level planning and preparation to real-time management of topics, she kept our group moving. Once conclusions were reached, she assisted us in developing effective strategic communications to the broader company.”  

- Synthesis of session feedback: COO, VP of FinOps, SVP Technology at Series B technology start-up