Threshold Allies


Threshold Allies supports executive leaders in navigating high stakes situations and transitions in their teams and personal lives. 

We partner executive leaders in Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia. Our clients include early stage founders leading rapidly evolving teams, teams needing navigation in new markets and individuals at significant transition points in their careers. 

What sets us apart ?

We center around supporting the leader behind the change. Leadership is lonely and busy enough. We aren’t going to add one more thing to your to-do list and leave you to it. We’ll help you define solutions that are in line with your values and give you the support you need to execute. 

We're practical. Anyone can have a good idea, execution is everything. We are operators who can quickly assess solutions, build momentum for change, and train up your team. 

We bridge cultures. Our work and team bridge Asia and the U.S. We understand what it takes to run a global team and reach global customers. 

What our clients have said:

"Working with you is like Marie-Kondoing my mind - increasing the ratio of signal to noise, simplifying and clarifying the complexity, then focusing our team on the most important next steps." - Series A start-up CEO, Singapore

"We couldn't find the right candidate for two years. You found one in two months by deeply understanding candidates' concerns and partnering with us to redesign the role and hiring process." - Head of Board Search Committee, New Jersey

"Tensions were running high in our team, and cross-functional leads were pulling in opposite directions. You brought psychological safety by making each person feel valued and bringing each voice, then pulling it through to operational steps we could all agree on." - Series B start-up COO, Silicon Valley 

Leaders and Teams

We start with your "why" and help you execute with your team. 

Signature Workshops

Equip your team or portfolio companies with foundational skills for high growth environments

Based on our work with dozens of pioneering companies and hundreds of individuals, we run three signature 2-hour programs in Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia. These provide foundational skills that help people take the opportunities while avoiding typical pitfalls in high growth environments. 

These are suitable for leadership and middle-management teams, Venture Capital firms supporting their founders, Employee Resource Groups and Womens' leadership groups. Enquire at admin[at]threshold-allies[dot]com. 

"The scenarios and accompanying frameworks were really relevant to what we encounter in startup life and I’m glad the session was also interactive, especially with the simulation." - VP of Operations, Series B start-up

“A safe space for practical advice and support from professional women who have been there.” - Director at Media company

Individual Coaching

Navigate career and life transitions successfully through 1:1 coaching 

We offer a 3-month coaching program for individuals who want to navigate career and life transitions successfully- from stepping into bigger leadership roles to deciding on your next career move or navigating a challenging workplace situation. Employers engage us to coach rising leaders. Individuals also engage us to support their personal development goals. The program entails: 

Engaging a coach is a big investment and fit is important. Sign up for an introduction session here

"Through our time together, I've found more certainty and direction to live a more authentic life." - Director at a Bay Area Non Profit, Employer-sponsored

 My coaching sessions with Karen gave me courage to start a new professional chapter. I started coaching with Karen at a time when I felt burnt out and looking for change. Karen was curious, empathetic and asked great questions to help me reflect on my situation. She took a holistic approach, engaging body, mind and spirit. Her sessions enabled me to listen to and trust what my body and emotions were telling me about what I needed and wanted from my next season. They also helped me to shift my posture toward the situation from stress and anxiety to curiosity and exploration. I soon landed my next role. - Country GM, Singapore

Our Distinctives

Culturally sensitive

Our team has deep experience bridging contrasting contexts, such as government and start-ups, Asia and Silicon Valley, secular and faith spaces. Our cultural sensitivity helps us to bring strength out of diverse teams.

Innovative & creative

Our team has pioneered new functions, built technology start-ups and technology products, and operated in the Silicon Valley context. We unlock creative, imaginative and highly practical solutions.


Our team has served the highest levels of Government (Prime Ministers and Ministers) as well as Technology CEOs and Venture Capitalists. We understand the nuances, discretion and confidentiality required to serve top leadership.

Power of community

Our team has deep experience cultivating communities and movements in support of goals. We will help you unlock the power of existing and new networks to achieve your goals.

Our Values

Authentic and Honest

Transformation happens in the context of safe spaces where we can challenge each other. Our neutrality, confidentiality and authenticity enables effective conversations and action.

Trusted Allies

Breaking new ground is exciting, but can be disorienting and challenging for individuals and teams. As you navigate the threshold, you can trust us to be in your court and bring the right networks to the table, helping you make the transition successfully.


We treat your problem like our own, and apply high levels of excellence.