Serving Individuals

Executive Coaching + Pivotal Moments Coaching

1. Executive and Leadership Coaching 

Threshold Allies has coached hundreds of executives and rising leaders in Singapore and Silicon Valley. An optimal period to receive coaching is when executives and rising leaders are at inflection points in their careers. You need to grow in skills, competencies and confidence to make a successful transition. Receiving top-notch support to make this transition is beneficial both for the company, and for the individual. Scenarios we have supported include but are not limited to:  

We coach executives and rising leaders in 3-month intervals. From our experience, at least 3 months of coaching provides momentum to learn and implement new skills and competencies. After 3 months, coachees and employers have the option to renew on a 3-month basis.

The cost of the 3-month individual coaching package is USD$3,000. We have seen many successful payment models:

If you are seeking employer sponsorship for coaching, you can download the fact sheet for employers here.

“Working with Karen was like Marie-Kondoing my mind - increasing the ratio of signal to noise, cutting through complexity and focusing me on the most important things. I look forward to it every time.” - CEO, Series A Tech Company, Singapore 

​​Coaching with Karen was an optimal blend of feeling understood and being equipped to move forward.” - VP, Real Estate Industry, Los Angeles 

“Karen gave incisive comments on my proposed communications through our email exchanges in between sessions. I learned to communicate with my team and leaders much more clearly and effectively, and also avoided saying things I would regret later.” - Senior Director, Public Biotechnology Company, San Francisco    

2.Pivotal Moments Coaching

We offer a 8-week focused journey for high performing professionals who want to make significant shifts in their lives to achieve better professional and personal outcomes. 

The cost of the 8-week focused journey is USD$1,200. If you are seeking employer sponsorship for coaching, you can download the fact sheet for employers here

"Karen is practical and wise. In interview prep, she immediately "got me", helping me speak clearly about the match between my experience and the role with confidence, conviction, and solid proof points.  I went from feeling intimidated about what I lacked, to encouraged and empowered through the interview process with OpenAI." -- Client currently in OpenAI

My coaching sessions with Karen gave me courage to start a new professional chapter. I started coaching with Karen at a time when I felt burnt out and looking for change. I was stuck in a role that I didn't see a long-term future for, but lacked the time, energy and emotional bandwidth to explore new opportunities. The issue I wanted to work through with Karen was figuring out next steps for the year ahead.

Karen was curious, empathetic and asked great questions to help me reflect on my situation. She took a holistic approach, engaging body, mind and spirit. Her sessions enabled me to listen to and trust what my body and emotions were telling me about what I needed and wanted from my next season. They also helped me to shift my posture toward the situation from stress and anxiety to curiosity and exploration.

Soon after we ended our coaching sessions, I was approached to consider a number of really great roles. Because of the coaching sessions, I was open to exploring organisations and roles that I might not have considered before, and felt empowered to negotiate terms that aligned with my values, strengths and long-term goals. -- Cheryl C, Country Head of Publicly Listed Company 

“Karen coached me at a juncture in my life where I was considering either taking up a postgraduate scholarship or taking time out to care for my then-newborn. My coaching conversations with Karen had a profound impact on my professional happiness as well as the wellbeing of my family in the past three years.” - Deborah L., Senior Government Leader

Next step 

Team coaching  

CEOs and HR teams have brought us onboard for 3-6 months to support leadership teams in transition. We have coached each leadership member individually, aligned the leadership team strategically through executive retreats, mediated difficult conversations and elephants in the room, and supported leadership teams in launching alignment exercises e.g. Objectives and Key Results. 

As each leadership teams' needs are bespoke, we price this based on conversations and scoping with the CEO/key leader. 

More feedback from coachees:

​​Coaching with Karen was an optimal blend of feeling understood and being equipped to move forward.” - Jeremy L, VP, Real Estate Industry, Los Angeles 

“Executive coaching with Threshold Allies gave me certainty and direction to lead authentically.” - Danny H, Director, Non Profit, San Francisco 

"What you taught me in our coaching sessions continues to have a huge impact on my life. One thing I feel is a sense of calmness – there’s been a breaking down of the boundary between what’s in my comfort zone and outside of it, and there’s the lightweight sense of being able to move seamlessly between the zones. There are often zero watertight reasons to not at least try. That has manifested in my recent career decisions and will impact my future decisions as well." - Zach C, Senior Technology Leader 

From employers:

“Karen’s deep industry and global experience made her a top pick to coach our leadership team. She instinctively understood the operating dynamics and gave incisive, practical support to our leaders. As CEO, having Karen at my side gave me tremendous leverage” - CEO, Technology Industry, Singapore  

Tensions were running high in our team, and cross-functional leads were pulling in opposite directions. She brought psychological safety by making each person feel valued and bringing each voice, then pulled us together to focus on the most important things.” - COO, Series B Healthcare Start-up, San Francisco 

“You can trust the Threshold Allies team to be 100% on your side. They won’t just tell you what to do. They’ll put the right conversations, meetings and infrastructure in place so that it will get done. The gains have been tremendous.” - Executive Director, Non Profit, New York 

Case studies

Pivoting your career

Sarah was looking to move from a career in nursing to software development. She had started her training in web development through online courses six months ago. Her coaching goal was to define a six-month process to assess the viability of a career switch, decide on how to manage her relationship with her existing employer, and tap on her network to explore opportunities for beginners.

Mira was looking to move from her role as a technology executive into a more flexible consulting and coaching career. Her coaching goal was to define a six-month process to rest, define her business values and goals, and get her feet wet on a few projects. She wanted her community involved in mirroring her values and key value propositions, as well as introducing a few early clients. 

Entering a sabbatical period with intention

Lisa completed a post doc and wanted to take a year off from academia to explore potential new pathways while retaining the option to apply for academic jobs the following year. Her coaching goal was to test out potential pathways in the sabbatical year. She wanted to tap on her community to ideate with her, encourage her in the journey, and provide tangible support such as key value propositions and new contracts. 

Managing a larger team

Haneen was an engineering manager in the technology sector. He managed two individuals. As his company grew, he was asked to manage a larger team of ten people, including two managers. His three-month coaching goal was to gain confidence and skills to manage a larger team, and build deeper rapport and collaboration with the two managers who reported to him. He wanted a mix of individual coaching, as well as team coaching involving him and his two managers. 

He wanted his direct manager, B, to be aware of his coaching goals. He also wanted his community, including his wife and his friends, to know about his goals at work and brainstorm ways that they could support him in making the transition successfully. 

First-time executive

Vera joined a Series B start-up as Chief Product Officer. This was her first time as an Executive and she would be the only woman in the C-Suite. Her six-month coaching goal was to cement her credibility and build strong rapport with the Executive Team and her own team. 

Luis, the CEO, was excited for Vera to join the C-suite community. He was aware of unintentional blindspots that the existing C-suite might have in working with Vera and his goal was to provide a safe space for any issues to be flagged and resolved within the C-suite. Vera would decide how she wanted to bring him into conversations with the coach, if at all. 

Specialized Faith-Based Coaching and Consulting

We provide specialized faith-based coaching and consulting for individuals and organizations who share the Christian faith. This follows the structures of regular coaching and consulting. In addition, in faith-based coaching and consulting, we incorporate elements of Spiritual Direction and prayer in the 1:1 and team sessions. 

Consulting with Christian organizations can also take on faith-based elements, if specifically requested and designed into the engagement. Our team has experience in driving equity and structural change in faith-based organizations. 

In addition to coach training and certification with the Newfield Network, Karen was trained in Spiritual Direction at the Soul Shepherding Institute in California, and earned a certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care at the Allender Center in Seattle.