Threshold Allies

Threshold Allies LLC helps leadership teams, pioneer teams and individuals overcome their most pressing challenges while strengthening the quality of their relationships. We provide practical organizational, product and talent solutions. At the same time, we believe that the crux of true effectiveness lies in properly functioning relationships and teams. 

When we work with you, we position the people and relational pieces to support the practical recommendations, and vice versa. This is how our coaching and consulting work together.

We support executive and leadership teams in getting through critical moments effectively (e.g. losing team members unexpectedly, welcoming your first women or minorities into top leadership, rapid growth, reductions-in-force, mergers and acquisitions). We help you address elephants in the room and overcome difficult relational dynamics. We also provide fractional Chief Product Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief People Officer services and help you bridge to permanent solutions. 

Pioneering is all about creating the new: new programs and organizational structures, new product lines, introducing innovative practices in traditional organizations, or entering new markets. We provide product, talent, operations and communications solutions and coach pioneer teams and their sponsors to succeed. 

We are your ally in navigating major life and work transitions - from stepping into bigger leadership roles to deciding on your next career move or achieving peace of mind in work and parenting goals. We will work together to design a structured program for our three-to-six month time period. We believe in wrap-around care. In addition to executive and life coaching, we can support your product and operational needs. 

We offer keynotes and workshops on (i) Attracting hard-to-find talent, building employer brand and talent pipeline (ii) Understanding and implementing Silicon Valley in your home culture (iii) Deploying technology for public good (iv) Dual career parenting (v) Understanding and succeeding in educational technology. Reach out for more information. 

Our Distinctives

Culturally sensitive

Our team has deep experience bridging contrasting contexts, such as government and start-ups, Asia and Silicon Valley, secular and faith spaces. Our cultural sensitivity helps us to bring strength out of diverse teams.

Innovative & creative

Our team has pioneered new functions, built technology start-ups and technology products, and operated in the Silicon Valley context. We unlock creative, imaginative and highly practical solutions.

Politically astute

Our team has served the highest levels of Government (Prime Ministers and Ministers) as well as Technology CEOs and Venture Capitalists. We understand the nuances, discretion and confidentiality required to serve top leadership.

Power of community

Our team has deep experience cultivating communities and movements in support of goals. We will help you unlock the power of existing and new networks to achieve your goals.

Our Values

Authentic and Honest

Transformation happens in the context of safe spaces where we can challenge each other. Our neutrality, confidentiality and authenticity enables effective conversations and action.

Trusted Allies

Breaking new ground is exciting, but can be disorienting and challenging for individuals and teams. As you navigate the threshold, you can trust us to be in your court and bring the right networks to the table, helping you make the transition successfully.


We treat your problem like our own, and apply high levels of excellence.